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ABOUT MIDWEST Recruiting, Inc.

For the applicant our service is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL!! We work nationally, and our job orders change daily. We have direct hiring contacts with some of the largest companies as well as hiring contacts with very successful independent operators. We might not have that perfect career objective today; however, it might be here tomorrow so you need to get your resume to us TODAY. We will match your qualifications with our clients' immediate needs. We work long hours and weekends like you; as a result, when you have questions, we'll provide the answers and information you need. LET'S GET TO WORK!!

For both corporate and independent clients, we keep our overhead as low as possible so we can pass the savings on to you. We understand you have a budget, and MIDWEST Recruiting will do all we can to help you attain your recruiting goals. Like you and the managers you hire, we do not have an 8-5 schedule. Most days our hours are 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. CST. Meeting the immediate needs of both the applicants and the clients is our primary objective. We work on a contingency basis; you do not pay unless you hire. Everyone benefits by keeping costs at a minimum. For example, if we keep our fees low, you keep your cost per hire low. Each hire comes with a 90-day replacement guarantee. If a placement is within the guarantee period and the manager you hire doesn't work out for whatever reason, MIDWEST Recruiting will replace that manager at no extra cost to you.

Why spend your valuable time reading through all the small print just to find every recruiting agency offering the same old information? Send your resume today to MIDWEST Recruiting. We work diligently for those appropriately qualified. If you have 1 – 2 years of management experience, we need to talk about your goals.

For our corporate and independent clients, we offer efficient, dependable service.

Experienced. Reliable. Affordable. MIDWEST Recruiting.

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